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E-gel_small E-Gel® Precast Agarose Gels are available in a variety of agarose percentages, well formats, and throughput capacities to provide fast and sensitive analysis of DNA and RNA samples. Watch migration of nucleic acids in real time with the E-Gel Safe Imager Transilluminator (blue light).


  • If using your own kits and ladders, the E-gel is available for use directly by you (and, No online submission is required). Before using the E-gel, please read Tips for E-gels; although this document focuses on the Size-Selection E-gel, the comments are generally applicable.
  • Otherwise, samples are processed by the Genomics Core, with samples being submitted in accordance with the requirments listed below. Note — Before submitting a request, please contact the Core to see if the gel packs are in stock.
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    E-Gel SizeSelect Gels

    Data output from NGS libraries is maximized when fragment size distributions are limited and adapter-dimers have been removed. Thus, we stock the E-Gel® SizeSelect™ Gels, which can isolate a narrow band of DNA fragments (spanning ~50-bp) from a DNA 'smear'. Of course, these gels can also be used to isolate specific bands from PCRs that generate multiple bands, if the desired band is ≥50-bp different in size from the other bands.

    These pre-cast agarose gels use a double-comb arrangement to provide fast and easy DNA isolation. Samples are loaded into the top row and electrophoresed until the band or desired size range enters the bottom row; then, the DNA of interest is removed from the bottom wells by a pipette.

    The proprietary stain incorporated in the E-Gel SizeSelect gels is 5X more sensitive than ethidium bromide, allowing maximal retrieval of DNA bands. Further, because the Safe Imager Real Time Transilluminator uses blue light (instead of UV, which nicks nucleic acids), sample DNA integrity is ensured... which maximizes efficiency of NGS and cloning workflows. Finally, use of blue light allows for constant observation of band migration, making it easier to collect the desired sample region; in the event that a band ends up beyond the collection wells, users can still capture those bands by means of the reverse-run functionality on the E-Gel iBase Power System.

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    Other E-Gel options

  • E-Gel EX agarose gels
  • E-Gel NGS agarose gels
  • E-Gel Clonewell agarose gels
  • E-Gel 48/96 sample agarose gels
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    Service Requirements for Size-Select Gels

  • Sample Processing: Typically, samples will be processed in accordance with the protocol listed in Tips for E-gels; this means that samples should be pre-cleaned (e.g., with the Zymo DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 Kit; Cat #: 11-303).
  • Sample Pre-Cleaning: If the Genomics Core needs to clean the DNA sample prior to size-selection on the E-gel, a separate online request is required for that service.
  • Sample Post-Cleaning: For some purposes, cleaning the size-selected sample (i.e., post E-gel) may be needed; a separate online request is required for the Genomics Core to perform that service.
  • Tubes: If the Genomics Core will be cleaning the DNA sample prior to the E-gel, please submit samples in 1.5-ml tubes (preferably an Eppendorf Lo-Bind tube); otherwise, any normal tube is acceptable.
  • DNA limit: Maximum DNA per well is 1 µg.
  • Sample Volume: Maximum volume per well is 20-µl; larger sample volumes will require multiple wells. Although there are nominally 8 sample wells on the Size-Selection E-gel, the outer wells are not typically used due to edge effects; usually, no more than the four inner-most sample wells are used, with ladder being run in the 3rd and 7th lanes (in addition to the middle ladder well).
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    Online Submission Request

  • Log In to the website, and click on "Services Page":
    • Make the necessary 'selections'.
    • In the "Client Memo" box, specify the volume of sample provided and any other information.
    • Click the 'check box', and submit your request.
  • If you make an error in your request, you may revise that request if you do so before we begin processing it.
  • You will receive an automated email when your samples are processed and ready for pick-up.
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    Physical Submission of Samples

  • Label Submission:  Upon successful submission of your online request, the 'Submission #" will appear on your screen. Then, label the tube rack itself with:
    • Submission #;
    • Date;
    • PI's Last Name; and,
    • Submitter name or initials.
  • Delivery site:  Transfer tubes to a Genomics Core rack (taking your own rack back to your lab), and put samples in the Mini-fridge (by sink) in the Genomics Core (A628 Life Science Annex).

    [Note: If the Core is locked, put your samples in the plastic "After-Hours" GC drop-box located in the adjacent Cold Room (beside sink, Rm. A650).]

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