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Services – Reagents & Supplies

Note: If you need an item that is not listed below, please go to the Special Orders (via vendors) webpage.

Online Submission Request:

  1. Log In to website, bringing you to 'Request Form' page.
  2. Click on 'Reagents & Supplies' button.
  3. Submit a completed request.
  4. Pick up items in A628 (Life Sciences Annex).
Please note the following:
  • Particular items might be temporarily out of stock.
  • Items can be picked up only during normal hours.
  • Make an appointment if you want to ensure the Core will be open when you arrive.
  • Alternatively, you can request that your supply be placed in the plastic 'After-Hours GC Drop-box' located in the adjacent Cold Room (beside sink, Rm. A650); however, you then assume all risk associated with an unmonitored transfer of your supply.
  • Items Typically Stocked

  • N95 Respirator (H910 Plus series, Head-Loops)
  • 1 BigDyeTerminator v3.1 (~800 ul)
  • 2 BigDyeTerminator v3.1 (~100 ul)
  • 35X Sequencing buffer
  • 4Hi-Di formamide (25 ml or ~1.5 ml)
  • Qubit 0.5-ml tubes, 100 (~34.6g; Axygen, PCR-05-C)
  • MicroAmp 8-Tube strips (125/box; PN-N8010580).
  • MicroAmp Caps, 8 caps/strip (full/partial box; PN-N801-0535).
  • PowerTrack™ SYBR Green (1-ml, ThermoFisher, PN-A46012).
  • 96-well ABI optical PCR plates (10/pack)
  • 96-well VWR PCR plates (10/pack)
  • 96-well non-skirted PCR plate (VWR82006-636, single)
  • 5Adhesive Films (Non-Optical; 100-SEAL-PLT).
  • ABsolute qPCR Adhesive film (50/box; AB1170)
  • 6MicroAmp Splash-Free Support Base.
  • MicroAmp Applicator (Adhesive Film, PN4333183)
  • Water (25 ml, nuclease-free)
  • 7Pos-Ctrl Seq. template (pGEM, 25 ng/µl)
  • Pos-Ctrl Seq. primer (M13-Rev, 3.2 µM)
  • Pos-Ctrl Seq. primer (M13-For, 3.2 µM)
  • Primer (T7 Promoter; 20 ul @ 16.2 uM)
  • Primer (T3; 20 ul @ 16.2 uM)
  • 8EDTA (70-150 mM)
  • 9Resuspension-Elution buffer (TVLE, 25 ml)

    1. BigDye (~800 ul):  stock ABI tube, ~1,600 rxn's @ 1/2 µl/rxn. Stable at -20oC for at least 1-2 years if not thawed repeatedly; upon first thaw, vortex vigorously (~20 s) and aliquot into volumes that will be consumed within 5-10 freeze-thaw cycles.
    2. BigDye (~100 ul):   aliquoted from stock tube, ~200 rxn's @ 1/2 µl/rxn. These aliquots are provided as a courtesy to labs doing minimal sequencing (e.g., <30-40 rxn's/month).
    3. Sequencing buffer:  Formula is 400 mM Tris (pH 9), 10 mM MgCl2. Provided either as the Genomics Core's "Homebrew" (25 ml, made with commercial nuclease-free liquid products) or as ABI's commercial product (2.5 ml aliquots).
    4. Hi-Di Formamide:  ABI's version is highly recommended over other vendors, given that formamide from elsewhere might not be suitable for resuspending sequenced DNA. Aliquots are available for labs that perform limited amounts of sequencing.
    5. Adhesive Films (VWR 490007-308): These seals are not suitable for qPCR experiments. SealPlate 50 µm thickness polyester sealing films minimize evaporation, prevent spillage and contamination between wells, and provide a secure seal. Functional temperature range from -40°C to 120°C.
    6. MicroAmp Splash-Free Support Base:  These are required for all work involving qPCR; otherwise, your plate can pick up fluorescent contamination, possibly even contaminating the block of the ABI qPCR instrument.
    7. Positive-control reagents:  including some positive-controls in your DNA sequencing can be tremendously helpful in trouble-shooting any weak or failed reactions; if you don't have suitable templates available, pGEM and M13 primers can be substituted.
    8. EDTA:  Used in the Genomics Core's EtOH protocol to clean 10-µl BigDye reactions.
    9. TVLE:   a better alternative to 'water' for resuspending or eluting DNA templates. Unlike pure water, TrisVeryLowEDTA (10 mM Tris; 0.05 mM EDTA; nuclease-free water) prevents extreme pH changes and mild DNase activity; however, the levels of Tris and EDTA are too low to adversely affect downstream applications.

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