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Services – Special Orders

In-Stock Reagents & Supplies

To see what the Core normally stocks, please go to the Reagents & Supplies webpage.

Special Orders

If you need any other supplies or reagents, you may wish to consult with the Genomics Core prior to purchasing them on your own. Because we order in bulk volume or frequently from certain vendors, you may be able to obtain those items more cheaply by having us place the order for you.


– ThermoFisher products:
  • our account has Free Shipping.
  • usually we can obtain discounted pricing.
  • – Many companies offer our Core discounts from Manufacturer List pricing... some examples include:
  • DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 Kit.
    (Genesee Scientific [Zymo Research distributor]).
  • ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kit (Genesee Scientific).
  • Bioanalyzer kits (Agilent Technologies).
  • Online Submission Request:

    1. Log In to website, bringing you to 'Request Form' page.
    2. Click on 'Reagents & Supplies' button.
    3. Complete the form, including by selecting "Special Order" and listing all necessary product information in the "Client Memo" field (e.g., vendor, item, item #, quantity, list price).
    4. If you have a quote already, either email it to the Core or provide the required information in the 'Client Memo' field.
    5. If speed is more critical than a discounted price, note in the 'Client Memo' field how long you are willing to wait for a quote to be generated rather than paying full-price.
    6. Submit the completed request.
    You will be notified when the item has arrived. However, please check with the Core if you have not been contacted and you believe the item should have arrived already.