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Services – Special Requests

It is not practical to list all the services that the LSU Genomics Core could provide to our clients. Services listed on the Services webpage are ones that are requested frequently enough to justify a listing. However, other services can be requested as a "Special Order".

How to request a 'Special Service'

  1. First, consult with Scott about your service needs (see the Consultations webpage).
  2. If the Core can provide the service in a timely and cost-effective manner, we will establish the protocol and reimbursement rate.
  3. Finally, you will submit an online request (see below) and deliver the samples to the Genomics Core.
  4. Either the Core will purchase any needed supplies or reagents for that service (with their costs being included in your reimbursement charges), or you will provide them.

Online Submission Request:

  1. Log In to website, bringing you to 'Request Form' page.
  2. Click on 'Services & Loan items' button.
  3. Complete form, including selecting "Special Order" and briefly describing ("Client Memo" field) the service being requested.
  4. Submit the completed request.