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Services – Information Resources

• Documents for Equipment & Protocols

• Software for DNA Analysis

• Quantitative and Real-time PCR

• Technical Information, Apps, and Training

Science Aid Center Knowledge

• ABI 3130xl Maintenance SACK's

Staff Consultation

Prior to consulting directly with our staff regarding the Core's equipment and experimental protocols, please review relevant information on our website — either for answers to your questions or to give you a better perspective on what questions to ask. If you need further assistance, please go to the Consultations webpage.

Customer Profile

The Core primarily serves the College of Science (LSU, Baton Rouge); however, open access is provided to protocols, FAQs, links, and most documents on our website. Further, consultation assistance will be granted to nearly any 'scientist' on Earth (well, at least to anyone capable of communicating in English... o posiblemente en español)... as long as it does not interfere with our ability to serve our primary client base.

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